Plywood Jalo, the strong novelty in the collection

In Valanti kitchen products, as in all our furniture collections, you can sense design and quality that will survive the test of time. From collections to details. Kitchens, bathrooms, utility areas and other storage solutions can be created from base units in the collection. In addition to standard dimensions, it is possible to make dimensional changes to fit your requirements.

Jalo, the newcomer in the Valanti kitchen, is strong in soul and essence. The material used for the frames and doors is domestic birch plywood with hardwood veneer on two sides. Choices for surface material are oak, ash, elm, hazel and birch. The tint of triple layered speciality varnish keeps discoloring of the wood to a minimum and the color tone soft and beautiful. The color tones are chosen to be compatible with the Valanti furniture collection. The solid plywood has a lasting durability and superior structural strength. The mechanisms chosen for the collection are the best in the field, the load capacity of the drawers is the highest on the market. Jalo represents Finnish high quality artisan carpentry work from production to installation.

Other already familiar kitchens in the Valanti collection are Ruutu, Sametti and Huvila. Sametti has a unique, ruggedly attractive and completely matt surface material. The totally gloss free surface fits many door models beautifully. Ruutu, the Valanti kitchen’s light framed door, has a timeless modern look that will find its place in many different surroundings. Huvila represents traditional look and atmosphere completed in a modern fashion.

Our professional designers are happy to help you with plans and choices for the kitchen and other areas in the your home. Contact a designer or come and visit the Valanti Shop!

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