My Collection

Your name is yours, though you don’t own it. You hold the responsibility for your name for yourself and your namesake, you carry its history and are part of creating its future. If you pass your family name on to someone you want to be sure that it is carried with dignity. You want to know that saying your name echoes, gives it substance and takes its story forward.

It is 10 years since Valanti was founded. The core values of the company that were set at the turn of the century have over the years been further refined and focused. We want to offer a carefully prepared collection made in Finland that provides bespoke furniture tailored to match customer needs.

For me the starting point of furniture design has always been to fulfil the needs my customer, most of my furniture originates from people’s real requirements which form part of the interior decorating design. I want my Valanti furniture to feel and look familiar already on the drawing board, to continue the story that has been told for ten years.

Thank you for the past years, wishing for many more to come!


Valanti Interiors

Valanti Interiors is located at Suolakivenkatu 20, 00810 Helsinki, Finland

Our professional staff will help you to choose perfect design just for you. In addition to our standard product line, we also design and create custom products to meet your specific requests.